RIO DE JANEIRO Twins Matt Belisle Jersey , March 10 (Xinhua) -- Over the past few years the Deodoro Olympic Park has taken shape.

As the finishing touches are made, venues are beginning to open and athletes are starting to compete.

Today is the turn of the pentathletes as the world's best gather for the second stage of the UIPM 2016 World Cup. Riding, fencing, swimming, running and shooting make up the modern pentathlon.

The Deodoro Olympic Park is the second largest venue cluster for Rio 2016. On Wednesday, another two venues were opened on this impressive site. The Deodoro Stadium, which will host the Riding and the Combined event (runshoot) along with the Youth Arena which will host the fencing.

This is the second event of the season (World Cup #2) after World Cup #1 took place last weekend in Cairo.

There will be 187 athletes competing including the reigning men's and women's Olympic champions, Laura Asadauskaite from Lithuania and David Svoboda from Czechoslovakia.

Also featuring is the reigning World Champion Riccardo De Luca from Italy, Lena Schoneborn the 2015 World Champion from Germany and the 2014 World Champion Samantha Murray from Great Britain.

With such an all star cast this weekend should provide a fascinating clash as the worlds best pentathletes compete over five disciplines at these fantastic new facilities here in Deodoro Park.

The event runs from March 10-14 with the finals taking place on March 12-14. Enditem

by William M. Reilly

UNITED NATIONS, Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- "The basis of world stability is being destroyed," Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned the UN General Assembly General Debate on Friday and blamed an unnamed "arrogant" super-power for "pushing forward unilateral hazardous solutions to the most complex conflicts and crises."

The outcome of such "feeling of their infallibility ... can be observed by the example of the bleeding Middle East and North Africa," he said in a thinly-veiled reference to the West and the United States in particular.

"It is high time to learn lessons and prevent a slide down to a catastrophe in Syria," Lavrov said. "Mainly thanks to Russia's military assistance to the Syrian legitimate government rendered at its request, it became possible to prevent the collapse of the state and disintegration of that country under the onslaught of terrorists."

Russia's engagement gave rise to the International Support Group (ISSG) encouraging a "political process so that the Syrians could determine the future of their country themselves," he said. "Hegemony has no place in the future if we want it to be a just future that gives peoples the opportunity to choose ways of their development."

Russia's commitment to that approach was reaffirmed in the Russia-China Declaration on Increasing the Role of International Law signed in June, he said.

Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) also laid verbal siege on the United States but with no hesitation about any name.

"As the international community witnesses every year, the situation on the Korean peninsula is often engulfed in a state that goes out of control, whose root-cause squarely lies in the United States which ... holds aggressive war exercises one after another in and around the Korean Peninsula," he said.

"These exercises are thoroughly offensive and aggressive nuclear war exercises in their nature ... aimed at 'decapitation' of the leadership of the DPRK and 'occupation of Pyongyang,'" Ri said without mentioning who he was quoting.

The foreign minister said Pyongyang "had no other choice but to go nuclear" after doing "everything possible to defend the national security from the constant nuclear threats from the United States."

But it wasn't all anti-United States, all the time in the assembly.

Countries, such as Mauritius concentrated on domestic goals.

"We have chosen to focus our first attention on the eradication of extreme forms of poverty, said Sir Aneroon Jugnauth, prime minister of the Indian Ocean island. "My Government has already undertaken, with the support of the UN Development Program (UNDP), to establish a social register of those living in dismal conditions and who require targeted measures and assistance.

"As a first unprecedented measure, we have introduced in this year's national budget a subsistence allowance for the extreme poor," he said, explaining it would be 40 percent higher than the World Bank's absolute poverty threshold of 3.10 U.S. dollars a day.

"The tourism industry of (Small Island Developing States) SIDS is particularly challenged by the negative effects of global warming," Jugnauth said. "Taking measures to reverse this trend is as essential to us as preserving marine and coastal ecosystems and biodiversity and making clean and sustainable use of oceans."

In taking steps to advance its ocean economy, he promised "Mauritius will ensure that these are in synergy with sustainability principles," enshrined in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be reached in 2030.

"Militias have no chance in succeeding," said President Bdrabuh Mansour of conflict-ridden Yemen, adding that the government would soon put an end to the ongoing war. He said comprehensive dialogue has been translated into a new civilian Constitution.

However, he said the Houthi militias continue to wage war and kill innocent people, expel civilians, blow up homes and control national assets.

"We are not advocates of revenge," Mansour said, adding that the government had chosen the path of peace in order to end the suffering of the Yemeni people and national dialogue was necessary to build a federal state based on equal rights.

"Militias and sectarian gangs, must withdraw and endorse the new Constitution," he said.

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