“It would be some advantage to live in a primitive and frontier life Derek Rivers Womens Jersey , though in the midst of an outward civilization, if only to learn what are the gross necessaries of life and what methods have been taken to obtain them; … For the improvements of ages have had but little influence on the essential laws of man’s existence: as our skeletons, probably are not to be distinguished from those of our ancestors.” - Walden, Henry Thoreau

Sustainable community doesn’t live against nature but in harmony, depending on its resourcefulness and self-sufficiency. Human civilizations have long been tapping into natural resources to achieve material growth to a point when the future of the planet has become a cause of concern. Parallel lifestyle encourages one to adopt simpler living style that is supported and supplied by the nature.

Idea of parallel lifestyle or simple living has emerged all over the world. Though their numbers were small but there were radical thinkers who chose and proposed the idea of living close to nature and only consuming as much resource and required.

There are communities around the world that can be termed as traditional communities, like the one living in the highlands of Arunachal Pradesh in India. This tribal community has adopted a more sustainable lifestyle by combining paddy farming with fish cultivation. The Apatani tribal community is an example of sustainable communities that has found a smart way to deal with food production contrary of ‘jhum’ cultivation or shifting cultivation; preserving ecological balance.

Awareness of self sustainability is growing around the world. From natural farming practices in Japan to community governed resource distribution in Sweden, the idea of sustainable communities are becoming more mainstream. It is no longer treated as radical and idealistic approach.

Drawing inspiration from these communities corporations are now changing their modus operandi inclining it more towards achieving greater growth; redefining the idea of corporate social responsibility. Instead of cradle-to-grave the emphasis is now more on cradle-to-cradle in using end product as resource of new production; preventing extraction of natural resources.

Sustainability awards like Green Oscars, also known as Whitley Awards, as they were instituted by the Whitley Fund for Nature, are handed out to recognize notable efforts towards preservation and conservation of earth by individuals and corporate – a positive encouragement to promote the idea of corporate sustainability.

Serious efforts need to be carried out in reducing carbon footprint and restoring the world back to balanced situation. Efforts must be made both at individual level and corporate level in help building a future for the generations to come.
Learn what makes olive leaf extract a good medicine Health Articles | April 16, 2012
Are you wondering what is olive leaf extract? Well, when you hear the words olive leaf what comes to your mind? It could have to do with the Olympics with a guy wearing a crown of olive leafs?

Are you wondering what is olive leaf extract? Well, when you hear the words olive leaf what comes to your mind? maybe you聮re thinking about someone in the Olympics that has a olive leaf crown on his head after winning an event. It could also be someone extending an olive leaf branch to someone as a peace offering? The olive leaf was also mentioned in the Holy Bible as a bird gave the plant to Noah to show it was safe. So what makes this branch so famous? Well the olive tree itself is the first plant mentioned in the Holy Bible and has been referenced many times in the book.

You might be curious on knowing the ways olive leaf extract is used. Most famously it has been used to help the immune system in someone. It聮s antibiotic and this means that it fights bacteria, which are tiny organisms that can cause some serious harm like the cold, flu and even Tuberculosis. Another interesting point on how fighting bacteria can be helpful is that bacteria can be smart critters. For example If someone uses antibiotics a lot than the bacteria can learn to fight it and build up a resistance to it. By using olive leaf extract it can throw the bacteria off their game to help destroy it.

Besides helping someone聮s immune system olive leaf can assist with lowering blood pressure. to give you an idea on why dangerous blood pressure is bad is because someone can have up to 4 times the chance of getting a heart attack and 8 times the risk of getting brain damage. High blood pressure can also be called hypertension and if someone's blood pressure is abnormally low it can be called hypotension. Yes if someone has high blood pressure they have a much higher risk of dying from a problem and what is scary about this is that a person may not even know because it's hard to detect high blood pressure.

On the flip sign of the coin having too low of blood pressure is not good because organs are not getting the nutrients they need and symptoms can include being dizzy and fainting. Another interesting idea on how someone can fight high blood pressure is by using black cumin. Black cumin has been around since ancient times and has even been used in the tombs of Pharaohs in Egypt.

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