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BEIJING, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- South China's Hainan Province was criticized Tuesday by an inspection team of the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) for its failure to supervise land reclamation and control water pollution.

Hainan's reclaimed land was mainly used for tourism and real estate, putting pressure on the marine environment, said the SOA team that carried out inspection from Aug. 22 to Sept. 21.

The inspection team said that in 2008, Hainan violated the regulations on sea area use by delegating approval power to coastal cities and counties. The misconduct was not corrected until 2015.

Hainan also failed to protect marine nature reserves at provincial level, which were poorly managed, the team said.

The province did not pay enough attention to nearshore waters with excessive discharge of waste water commonly found.

The SOA team said that the island has 543 waste water drains into the sea, but only 26 were monitored by the province's environmental authority.

Hainan was also told to submit a plan for rectification within 30 working days and a report on progress in six months.

Emitting negative ions for better health
Research has proven that negative ions benefit people more than they think. When something generates negative ions and they are absorbed by our bodies, these create biochemical reactions which help our cells produce more serotonin to lessen stress and increase energy. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter in our cells that transmits nerve impulses. Therefore the more serotonin that is produced by cells, the more energetic we feel. By wearing your ionic sports watch, you can be sure to get a boost in energy while you exercise or work.

Emitting Far Infrared (FIR) for invigoration
Studies on FIR energy shows that this infrared ray is part of the spectrum in sunlight which is in its most natural form. This FIR has positive effects as compared to the detrimental UV rays that we usually protect our skins from. FIR energy has even been recognized by NASA to be beneficial so they use it in their spacecraft technology. FIR is also known to penetrate deep into our bodies and down to subcutaneous tissues where from its natural state it turns into heat energy. By wearing an ionic sports watch that releases this kind of natural energy, we can feel the benefits of the heat energy that is transformed within us. The resonance that we feel in the process makes our bodies feel more invigorated and has a positive effect in our bodily functions like the circulatory system.

Improving blood circulation
As mentioned before, because of the natural FIR energy that is released into our bodies, functions like blood circulation and metabolism are enhanced. These will further cause more effective and healthy fat burning and toxin flushing in the body. Because of the heighten circulation of blood in the body, the internal organs are adequately supplied with essential nutrients and oxygen. With these changes deep inside our bodies because of the ionic sports watch FIR emissions, we feel more energized and rejuvenated.

Increasing alertness
Further, because of improved circulation and bodily functions, every part of your body will feel a positive effect, as if all parts of it were recharged. Calories are more effectively and efficiently burned to support the different activities that you subject your body to which will make you more alert during work and during the times when being alert is crucial.

Enhancing immunity
With the FIR and negative ions entering the body through the ionic sports watch, you will also experience a boost in the functions of your endocrine system. In the long-run you will be less susceptible to airborne viruses and other illnesses and ailments that you used to suffer from.

Lessening stress