Fear stage

This was the time I saw blood in the toothpaste foam I spat in the sink after brushing my teeth. I was about 7 years old. I remember I was so scared with the blood that I ran to my mother and cried Jason Witten Hoodie , blood and foam still dripping from my mouth.

My family was not a fan of dentists and dental clinics. The only time I went to the dentists was when my two front teeth became too rotten they had to pulled out. So, we did not go to the dentist's for advice.

My mother asked around for possible treatments and came up with a salt solution. She would soak a ball of cotton to a mixture of salt and warm water. She would then dab the cotton on my gums until they bled.

Annoyance stage

This routine went on for several months until the ordeal became too much for me to take. It was too much of a hassle to the kid that I was. As far as I knew, aside from the bleeding, my gums were fine. They were not swollen or anything.

I begged my mother to stop the routine and find other treatments instead. She found some herbal toothpaste that came from an all-natural store. We tried that and for a year or two, my gums stopped bleeding, and I felt normal.

But the store closed down, and we did not know any supplier who can give us the same toothpaste. I came back to brushing my teeth with the ordinary fluoride toothpaste and eventually, the bleeding started again.

Apathy stage

As the years passed, I started to learn to live with my bleeding gums. The blood I spat every time I brush my teeth became an ordinary sight. My friends would notice blood on my teeth while in the middle of talking, and I would just shrug it off. I used to say, "It happens all the time."

But I could see the horror and worry in the eyes of my friends. It was noting to me though. I stopped caring. Fearing gingivitis, I convinced myself that I won't have any teeth left by the time I'm fifty-maybe even younger. But I did not care. I resigned myself to my fate.

Worry stage

The fear of gingivitis and later on, of periodontitis grew by the time I got older. It even grew ominous when my gums started swelling. I felt gum pains all the time. Hallucinations of my teeth loosening and falling off haunted my nights and even my daydreams. I was only twenty-two years old. I was not even fifty, and I could already feel the symptoms of the inevitable.

Action stage

That was the time that I decided to take action. I went to a nearby dental clinic and asked about my condition. As it turned out, I was not experiencing the symptoms of periodontitis, not yet. I was growing my wisdom teeth.

However, the dentist also pointed out signs that I have gingivitis and that I should take action as soon as possible. The pains brought by my wisdom teeth and the dentist's advice became my eye openers. I asked for the most effective solution from my dentist.

The swelling eventually stopped. And, thanks to the expert supervision of my dentist, so did the bleeding in my gums.
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