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BEIJING Pat Neshek Phillies Jersey , July 29 (Xinhuanet) -- The boxing film Southpaw, backed by a $30 million production investment from Chinese property developer Wanda Dalian Corp, took in $20 million during its opening weekend at US and international box offices.

The film starring Jake Gyllenhaal is the first investment in a US movie by Beijing-based Wanda, which owns the second-largest US movie theater chain, AMC Entertainment Holdings, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to Wanda's investment, the Weinstein Co spent $35 million marketing the film, according to the newspaper, and the two companies will split any profit.

Southpaw grossed $16.5 million in the domestic box office and $3.5 million internationally. Though it has not been released in China, Weinstein Co is hoping that Wanda's investment will make it more likely that the government will allow the release in Chinese theaters, it was reported.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the movie has not been well-received by critics. Variety magazine called it "heavy handed" and the Los Angeles Times said it was "gleefully preposterous." The Wall Street Journal said Southpaw is " a win for Mr Gyllenhaal, while the movie loses out to its clichs". And The New York Times' critic wrote: "It's strictly an undercard bout, displaying enough heart and skill to keep the paying customers from getting too restless".

Rob Cain, a California-based producer who has worked on US and Chinese film productions, said that a company of Wanda's size has the capital to invest, and backing Southpaw might have been a way for it to learn about the American film-making process. David Glasser, president of Weinstein, told the Journal that Wanda was on the set and involved in all parts of the process. "They wanted to learn how we do what we do," he said.

"They've got lots of money to play with, and I think they're going to continue to be mainly focused on the domestic Chinese market, but maybe what they're doing is taking an opportunity to spend some money to invest and learn about the American approaches to filmmaking, and strategies and what goes into marketing films. I don't think learning is the only reason, but that's maybe one of their motivations for making an investment like this," said Cain.

Though Weinstein Co invested in Southpaw's marketing, Wanda is the sole financier of the project for investing in production, a "much riskier" investment for a company, he said.

(Source: Chinadaily)

MEXICO CITY, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Mexican triathlon athletes won four tickets for Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games, according to the announcement of International Triathlon Union (ITU) cited by international media.

According to Cuban news agency Prensa Latina, ITU spread the final Olympic qualification list which includes four Mexicans, one woman and three men.

The Mexican Triathlon Federation (Fmtri) said the qualification of four athletes is a historic occasion.

"Mexican triathlon continues making history, breaking its own records because this will be the first time Mexico has four athletes to participate in the Summer Games, and is now part of the top eight in the world level," said Fmtri in a statement.

Fmtri High Performance Director Eligio Cervantes said Crisanto Grajales was the only one to get a direct ticket for Rio 2016 and the rest three were achieved according to the current regulation.

Cervantes revealed the name of the other three athletes, which are Irving Perez, Rodrigo Gonzalez and Claudia Rivas.

Besides being synonymous with spring break vacations, sand and surf, Cancun is also famous for the number of girls who parade through its streets and thoroughfares. Unofficially known by all as Cancun girls, these young girls are mostly of the college going age who want like to have their fun and who, for the most part were caught out in the act.

Cancun girls are a generally fun loving breed who is up for most anything that's thrown at them and you can always find at least a handful of them at any party or resort, especially during spring break. That's not to say that there's a stereotypical girl out there who decides that she wants to be one of the Cancun girls, but it is still true that these girls exists and are not just figments of the imagination.

Wherever you go on the height of summer you will be bombarded by a bevy of Cancun girls in all shapes and sizes, and all of them in various states of undress. The dress code in Cancun on these hot summer days generally tends to be as little as you can get away with, and most of the girls will take advantage of this fact to strip down to the barest of bikinis. Sometimes it's even difficult to call the scraps of barely there cloth a bikini.

Be that as it may, there is also the chance that you might stumble across not a scantily clad girl, but one who believes in an all over tan. Although not as common a sight as in some European countries this practice can be seen from time to time from amongst the throng of people on the white hot beaches.

Now apart from the fact that these Cancun girls seem to be ready for any wild partying or adventure that they can get into, you shouldn't forget that they just college going girls. Girls who want to have some fun before they go back to a bout of hard study.

Cancun girls aren't a breed apart nor are they anything other than what they are, young college girls out for a good time, and determined to find it in Cancun, the spring break central for most college students. So when you go to Cancun don't be shocked by what you see, and don't believe everything that you hear. If you just keep in mind the pertinent facts and enjoy yourself regardless of others, you'll have a smashing great vacation yourself.

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