The 8th Annual World Health Care Congress - Europe. As the leading European event on health care business innovation Howie Long Jersey , The 8th Annual World Health Care Congress-Europe is the only major international forum that convenes leaders from all sectors of health care to discuss and develop actionable strategies to improve care delivery and outcomes.

The 2012 Congress ensures that delegates will leave with a key action plan to meet the many challenges facing health care across Europe. The 2012 Congress will feature the top industry influencers including hospital directors, IT innovators, decision makers from public and private insurance funds, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, health care industry suppliers, health ministers, and leading government officials.

Key themes that will be explored at World Health Care Congress 2012 include:

Sharing international experiences in the development of sustainable health care systems
Learning lessons from successful integrated care systems in Europe and the USA
The rise of health consumerism and the growing power of the health consumer
Personalised health and predictive medicine
Using predictive analysis to target chronic disease management
Developing partnerships to improve long term disease prevention
The role of industry and business in supporting consumers to make healthy lifestyle choices
Productivity and efficiency in health care delivery
Mobile health, tele-health and e-health
Health Technology, Infrastructure, Integration
Innovative collaborative partnerships between industry and institutions in the pharmaceutical, biotech markets
Evaluating the next generation of medical devices
New health care financing models including outcomes based payment and bundling
Global health and wellness
Public health and affordable solutions for emerging economies

Health care is proving to be a central issue in the Presidential race and the future of health reform rests on the outcome of the 2012 elections and is leaving uncertainty among the major industry stakeholders. But, our Nation’s health care system remains broken and we cannot afford to wait for policy to repeal reform or decide to move forward with 2014 implementation. The 9th Annual World Health Care Congress focuses on what we can do as an industry now, to fix health care.

The theme of the 2012 focuses on the intersection of strategy, innovation and execution and will bring together an agenda of multi-disciplinary CEO panels from health systems, health plans, purchasers, state policy and government and offers the opportunity collaborate from health care’s major markets through 3 days of:

* 13 General Sessions
* Industry Executive Summits
* Futuristic Panels that Forecast Health Care’s Emerging Trends
* World Health Innovations from Emerging Markets That Can Apply to the US Health System – India, Bangladesh Brazil, China
* 14 Hours of Dedicated Networking with Cross-Industry Sectors with over 250 speakers, and 1,600 attendees!


Entering its 9th year, the World Health Care Congress (WHCC) gathers over 1,600 global health care, pharmaceutical and employer executives and leaders in Washington, DC on April 16-18 to engage in keynote presentations, debates, co-located Summits, case studies and emerging trend forums on the latest solutions to the issues facing the industry. No other industry event provides you with the amount of networking, thought leadership and executive level education that WHCC does. By attending, you will hear insights on health care policy from government officials to help with your long-term strategic planning while also gaining practical solutions from leading organizations to help your organization tackle issues with cost, quality and the overall delivery of care.
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