As in any natural disaster Benoit Pouliot Sabres Jersey , the most important factor to minimize the damage in structures and properties is time. The quicker you react, the less damage flood waters will have on your belongings. Also, the less time it would take you to do flood damage cleanup.

The first step in flood damage cleanup is drying. To initiate the drying process in your home, get the air circulating by opening all doors and windows. This will also help lessen the humidity inside the home. With all doors and windows open, you can use the home heating system to speed up the drying process. You can also turn on all the fans so that air will circulate. If it's impossible to keep doors and windows open, refrain from using the home heater as it will cause humidity to increase leaving more hidden areas moist.

How do you know that the home is already completely dry? You can drop by a paint or hardware store and purchase a moisture meter. If there was severe flooding, you can expect your home and your furniture to get dry in a couple of weeks. If the flooding was minor, your home could dry out in a matter of days.

During the process of flood damage cleanup, you must get rid of the things that may cause further damage to your property such as gypsum boards that have been soaked in flood water and completely damaged. If you do not replace the gypsum boards under the walls or floors, you will likely have floor and wall troubles in the future. Your carpet may look fine on the surface but if the padding has been soaked in flood water for more than twenty-four hours, you should consider getting rid of the padding to prevent further damage to the carpet.

Before you even begin with the flood damage cleanup, make sure you have all the protective gears you need. You will need to disinfect the whole house so you will need to protect your eyes, mouth and nose along with your feet and hands. Get a good pair of gloves, rubber boots, splash goggles and face mask. Ensure your safety by checking for any gasoline leaks and by turning off the electricity in your home.

You can then begin with the flood water removal in your home. You can use a borrowed sump pump and water vacuum or you can purchase the needed equipment. Do not pump out the water too quickly so that in case there is still outside pressure pushing your home walls in, your walls won't cave in.

After getting all the water out, begin the flood damage cleanup by removing all carpets and taking out all wet furniture to dry. Taking out the furniture will also make the flood damage cleanup process much easier.

You can use a chlorine solution for scrubbing and cleaning your home. The recommended solution is made up of one part bleach for every five parts of water. There are also cleaning solutions available in supermarkets, just make sure you read the labels before using them. Avoid mixing the chlorine solution with other cleaning products. When you are done with flood damage cleanup, you can start packing in the furniture and getting all things in order.
Contact lenses are extremely popular world over as fashion statements and to improve eye sight. The lens when wearing a contact lens is placed right over the cornea. The cornea is defined as the clear front portion of the eye where light rays are bent and focusing occurs. The cornea has no blood supply and derives oxygen directly from the air itself.

According to ophthalmologists and other doctors who specialize in diseases of the eyes, those who wear contact lenses must protect the cornea from problems like the abnormal growth of blood vessels and irritations caused by lack of oxygen and chemicals.

Contact lens wearers must be aware of safety procedures and be sure to observe them:

1. Avoid the temptation to wear colored contact lenses. Studies have shown that colored lenses worn in the eyes reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the cornea. The FDA has reported that decorative colored contact lenses can cause: conjunctivitis, corneal edema, allergic reactions, corneal abrasions, reduction in vision, sensitivity such as inability to contrast and so on. Details are at: http:www.fda.govbbstopicsNEWS2003NEW00955.

2. Contact lens wearers must follow the rules of hygiene recommended by the contact lens manufacturer and doctor. The lenses must be stored correctly and never worn beyond the stipulated time.

3. Protect your eyes against infections by never using saliva, strange soaps, and un-sterilized water or solutions to clean the lenses.

4. Always consult a doctor if there is any eye redness or irritations.

5. Buy contact lenses from reputable manufacturers and follow the instructions given by the doctor about wear and tear.

6. If you wear make up follow strictly the rules and never allow eye make up or creams to get on to the contact lenses. Isert lens before applying eye make up and remove lenses before removing the make up. Try and use only water based cosmetic formulations.

7. The lens solutions must be recommended by a doctor. Keep the tip of the lens solution bottles clean and never use expired solutions.

Before you buy contact lenses consult an eye doctor about the suitability of your wearing lenses. Never buy contact lenses over the counter. Always follow the recommended guidelines for daily wear of contact lenses. When you begin wearing lenses follow the guidelines the eye specialist gives regarding wear and the cleaning schedule. In case you swim or play a contact sport find out whether wearing contact lenses is suitable for such activities. Different lenses are made for different uses, so never wear any contact lenses beyond its recommended wearing period. Store contact lenses correctly to prevent growth of fungi and other bacteria which will harm the eyes.

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