OTTAWA, Jan.10 (Xinhua) -- Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reshuffled his cabinet, according to a statement of Prime Minister Office of Canada Tuesday afternoon.

Under the statement, Chrystia Freeland, currently Minister of International Trade, becomes Minister of Foreign Affairs, and retains the Canada-U.S. relations file, including trade relations.

Maryam Monsef, currently Minister of Democratic Institutions, becomes Minister of Status of Women.

Patricia A. Hajdu, currently Minister of Status of Women, becomes Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

Fran?ois-Philippe Champagne, currently Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance, becomes Minister of International Trade.

Karina Gould, currently Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Development, becomes Minister of Democratic Institutions.

Ahmed D. Hussen becomes Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

The outgoing immigration minister John McCallum has been named as Canada's ambassador to China.

Hussen, Canada's first MP of Somali descent, is a lawyer and community activist in the Toronto riding of York South-Weston.

Gould, 29, a former trade and development worker who represents the riding of Burlington, Ontario, was promoted from her previous role as parliamentary secretary to the minister of international development.

The cabinet was sworn in just over 14 months ago with an even number of men and women, but has already seen a few changes.

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