Game Used and Replica Sports Jerseys

Historically sports jerseys were simply a part of a team's official equipment. Traditionally players' jerseys were plain with long sleeves and were much heavier than the modern jersey. Under criticism it was always argued that the reason for the jersey's lack of appeal was that it was merely part of the team gear with no frills. They were regarded simply as work clothes.

The massive popularity of the National Football League (NFL) Sam Gagner Jersey , the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) and the advent of teams' custom jerseys has given team gear a new lease of life and credibility. Team gear has become much more trendy and the humble jersey has transcended its work clothes image to become symbolic of heroism, achievement and team spirit.

For example, National Football League players' jerseys now have shorter sleeves, more vibrant colors and attractive patterns. Considerable attention is now paid towards the design, appearance and appeal of team gear.

A note about football jerseys:

From 2010, visiting team's jerseys will need to meet a standard criteria. The yoke of the jersey (from the neckline to the seam at mid-chest including the shoulders) and the body (the area below the yoke) will be white and will contain only allowed adornments and accessory patterns:

Stripes: May be placed on the sleeves to a maximum of 1 inch in width.

Border: Maximum of 1 inch in width may be placed around the collar and cuffs.

Side seam: An insert from the underarm's to the top of the pants to a maximum of 4 inches in width.

Also beginning in 2010 the home team jersey will need to meet a standard criteria. The yoke and body of the jersey must not include white except as the number of the jersey, a decorative stripe, a border on the collar or cuff or a side seam.

National Football League fans wearing replica matching jerseys to support their team is not a new occurrence. However, with the positive changes made to team apparel in recent years, a huge number of fans now wear National Football League authentic jerseys both at and away from the footbal venues. Wearing the apparel of their favorite team or player has become an indispensible style statement of all generations. This huge change is the main reason for the increase in the clamor for sports gear generally and football apparel in particular.

The staggering popularity of football as, arguably, the greatest sport in the USA has further pushed the popularity of the jersey even higher. There are a great number of occasions when football fans can follow their favorite sport. College Football, NCAA Football, NFL Football and the fabulously well supported Monday Night Football.

This has all added to the growing demand for collecting game worn sport jerseys and team gear. A growing army of people young and old now have a passion for collecting authentic game worn football and replica jerseys of NFL stars.
Since 1954, GMAT has been taken worldwide to facilitate the admission of students in MBA programs. According to an academic research and GMAC that conducts this test, shows that GMAT has great validity in terms of forecasting the performance in MBA courses. Even in the list of Fortune 500 CEOs, the people who have completed their MBA after scoring high in GMAT have better salaries.
The scores of this exam are the only criteria based on which the candidate’s future performance within and ahead of B-school can be predicted. To get good GMAT scores many factors can be held responsible like hard work, conscientiousness, discipline, luck and motivation.
As stated above GMAT has been good performance predictor in B-schools, MBA rankings are also affected by which school gives admission to maximum number of students with highest average scores.
These scores have validity of five years and are submitted to business and graduate schools during the admission process. It makes it easy to compare the students in terms of academics and other grounds and predict how successful they would be in their term in the B-school.
Each GMAT score comes with a percentile rank. It is better to have higher percentile rank. For instance, if a candidate gets percentile rank of 90, then it means heshe did better in test than 90% of other test takers. The business school can identify your position with respect to other students who appeared for GMAT.
As far as good score in GMAT is concerned, there is no fix answer to it as it depends on the B-schools that you have applied to. However it is always better to get high percentile ranking and be ahead of other test takers. Which score you consider as good depends on your beliefs and aims. Thus students should try to score at least average marks in GMAT which is needed by the B-schools that they are interested to apply to. Usually best B-schools need score minimum of 600. Contact the B-schools that you wish to apply to know the average test scores needed for admission. Locate their average GMAT scores and develop your study strategy.
Here is the list of top 5 US universities that accept the GMAT score:
1. Stanford University
Average GMAT score required- 729

2. Harvard University
Average GMAT score required- 724

3. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)
Average GMAT score required- 718

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)
Average GMAT score required- 710

5. Northwestern University (Kellogg)
Average GMAT score required- 708

There are many more good B-schools in US that accept GMAT scores for providing admission to the deserving candidates. Here we give you a list of some other good B-schools in US that accept GMAT score (in a random order):
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