So youve got a problem with premature ejaculation have you? Well youre lucky to find this piece of writing. Ill show you a couple of tips and tricks you can use to beat your issue with going off too soon.

Without further delay lets get straight to business:

Premature Ejaculation Tip 1 Practice Edging

So what is this edging thing? Edging is bringing yourself to the verge of ejaculating without going over the edge Javier Mascherano Jersey , i.e. not actually ejaculating. You can try this during relations, but the idea is to practice it while masturbating, so during sex you can better control whether youre going to pop or not.

So how is this done? Break out your favourite masturbation know-how and work it until you feel yourself getting ready to climax. When youre just on the brink of ejaculation, cease masturbating and squeeze your PC muscle with all your might (your PC muscle is the one you use when you ejaculate, or when you want to stop peein mid-flow).

Its possible that the first time youll lose control and climax, and thats how you learn. This could be because its so much more fun to finish the job, or because you dont yet have the proper mastery.

Once you do get it right, stop for 30- 60 seconds and continue to edge for as long as you can bear it the longer the better. Each time you come to the point of no return and successfully stop and pull back for a 30 second period. for this to be successful, youll need to practice for at least 10 minutes total.

Premature Ejaculation Tip 2 Do Kegels

Remember the PC muscle I mentioned above? Youll be using it again to do kegels. A kegel is essentially a contraction of the PC muscle, and doing these over and over will help to strengthen it. Since the PC muscle is involved in controlling ejaculation, a stronger PC can help you last longer.

Id recommend practicing short intense kegels in addition to holding them for longer periods. Practice first holding very intense kegels for two seconds apiece. After each one take a two second respite, and repeat. Continue for five to ten minutes. After that, hold a less intense kegel for 10 seconds, take a ten second respite and then do it again. Also continue for 5 to ten minutes.

And thats it! You can do this basically wherever you like at work, in your car, while watching tv, so theres no excuse for skipping them!

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BEIJING, Aug. 3 (Xinhua) -- The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) has pressed local prosecutors to fast-track a pollution investigation in east China's Anhui Province, an SPP statement announced Monday.

China's national broadcaster CCTV reported in June that a river near an industrial park in Chizhou City, Anhui is heavily polluted, cutting off the water supply for many nearby farms.

Local prosecutors looked into the case immediately after the media report and opened a joint investigation with the environment department and police, according to the SPP statement.

Investigations into eight local firms found that a chemical company and a pharmaceutical company were discharging unprocessed waste water into a nearby river.

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The SPP has instructed the provincial procuratorate to closely follow the development of the case and fast-track prosecution if the evidence is solid, the statement said.

The SPP also informed the Ministry of Environmental Protection about the case and requested its assistance.

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