The American gaming industry has poured more than ?30bn into Macau over the past five years and it now tops Vegas as the gambling capital of the world. The City of Dreams casino resort resides on the Cotai strip in Macau and is an US$2.4 billion investment for owners air jordan 12 dark grey mens , Melco-Crown Entertainment.

Servebase were tasked with providing the City of Dreams vacation place with the region’s first ever combined credit card processing solution that would be able to interface to many different applications from Hotel front desks, food & beverage outlets and ticketing software packages. Servebase tackled the challenge by developing super fast IP links into the client’s card acquiring partners Bank of China. Because PC-EFT is developed entirely using Microsoft development tools and works in conjunction with Microsoft SQL database engine, the work was able to be concluded in just 6 weeks, in time for the Grand Opening.

The security of Cardholder Data was of the up most importance to the operators of the site jordan 12 dark grey mens shoes , so because Servebase already operate a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certified Data Centre of their own in the UK, they were able to offer the client a Key Management module as part of the resolution. This meant that the keys used for data encryption can be changed when ever required and contributed to the PCI-DSS certification awarded to the project. Security was further enhanced by the implementation of IPSec which was easily introduced across the Microsoft platforms over which the cardholder data is transmitted.


All card payments from the 2 Hotels and 16 Restaurants and bars are assimilated in the single installation of PC-EFT, greatly easing the accounting and summarizing effort such a client would have if they were to have employed the traditional old fashioned bank terminal model, which would have meant them reconciling over 200 separate points of sale. Reporting information from the PC-EFT database can be easily accessed from many positions around the site (such as within the accounts offices and management centres) and if the standard PC-EFT reports are not detailed enough cheap jordan 12 dark grey mens , there is an Export Facility from where data can read in to other products such as Microsoft Excel and manipulated to produce fully customisable analysis of card data.

With many foreign visitors to the casinos and other attractions within the City of Dreams, PC-EFT is also able to facilitate a currency conversion service (commonly referred to as Dynamic Currency Conversion or ‘DCC’) which allows the guests to choose to settle their bills in their home currency, meaning they know exactly what they are paying at the point of sale rather than finding out much later when their card statement arrives. This premium service then generates additional income for the owners.

Chris O’Dell, Servebase Director for the Asia Pac region commented: “Our PC-EFT resolution has once again proved to be perfect for the fast paced hospitality and retail environment where reliability and speed are paramount for customer satisfaction. This success has meant that The Melco Entertainment Group envisages using the PC-EFT answers throughout their businesses in Macau.”

Key Benefits

Cost Effective
Charge Customers in their own territorial currency
Centralised summarizing function
Efficient transaction reconciliation
Fast transaction times.

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MOSCOW jordan 12 dark grey suede , Sept. 24 (Xinhua) -- Some 335 students from high-risk regions in Africa remain in quarantine in Russia for Ebola, a Russian health official said Wednesday.

About 1,000 residents from African countries were put in quarantine for the virus, and the majority have been cleared jordan 12 dark grey mens , the Interfax news agency quoted Chief Sanitary Inspector Anna Popova as saying.

No case of Ebola has been detected in Russia, she said, adding that due to high migration flows the country is not 100-percent guaranteed from the risk.

Russian authorities are prepared not to let the virus spread into the country, with strict medical control imposed at the ports of entry , she said. At Moscow's airports visitors must walk through detectors that sound an alarm if the person's body temperature is above normal.

Russian scientists have been working on a cure for Ebola cure for over 10 years, Popova said.

Russian consumer safety watchdog Rospotrebnadzor places all newly arrived residents from the high-risk countries under a three-week quarantine.

The World Health Organization, in its latest Ebola update issued Monday, said 5 air jordan 12 dark grey release ,843 cases and 2,803 deaths have been reported in the current outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

In August, Russia sent a group of eight medics to Guinea to help fight the Ebola epidemic.

BEIJING air jordan 12 dark grey 2017 , Dec. 18 (Xinhua) -- Heavy snow dusts the hair of a group of students commuting to Xiniu Primary School (XPS) in southwest China's Yunnan Province.

Their winter trek through minus five celsius temperatures is much longer than normal this year.

With the XPS in Yongshan participating in a rural education reform to streamline education resources by funneling small schools into larger operations, crowds of students from the surrounding region have been transferred to new schools.

With little access to public transport and the new schools far from home, some students are travelling for miles by foot each day. In some cases, it takes them more than two hours to reach the classroom air jordan 12 dark grey for sale , says Ning Shiwei, who is in charge of XPS.

Whenever winter comes, the students can always be seen wearing the "white hair" when they arrive at school, Ning said.

According to a 2013 survey by the National Audit Office (NAO) air jordan 12 dark grey pre order , roughly 100,300 students from 25,127 surveyed county schools had to walk at least 5 km.