LONDON Camiseta Marc Bartra España , April 8 (Xinhua) -- British industrial output increased by 2.7 percent in February from a year ago, said the British Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Tuesday.

The ONS said the figure reflects production expansion of 3.8 percent in manufacturing, 8.5 percent in water supply, sewerage and waste management, and 0.2 percent in mining and quarrying.

The only decrease was in electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning output, which decreased by 8.8 percent, attributable to a warmer February this year.

Compared with January, British industrial output increased by 0.9 percent in February, contributed by the three main sectors, with manufacturing being the largest contributor increasing by 1.0 percent, its third consecutive monthly rise, the ONS said.

The main contributors to the increase in manufacturing were the manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparation, the manufacture of transport equipment and the manufacture of food products, beverages and tobacco.

February's industrial production figures confirmed that the recovery in Britain's manufacturing sector still has plenty of momentum, said Samuel Tombs, an economist at London-based Capital Economics, in a note.

The strong increase in overall production sets industry up to make a robust contribution to overall gross domestic product growth in the first quarter, said Tombs.

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