SEOUL vapormax rose clair , Feb. 4 (Xinhua) -- The top legislator of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) will lead its high-ranking delegation to South Korea to attend the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Seoul's unification ministry said Sunday.

The DPRK sent a notice through the restored hotline of direct dialogue in the truce village of Panmunjom Sunday night, saying the DPRK's high-ranking delegation, led by Kim Yong-nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, will visit South Korea from Feb. 9-11.

The DPRK delegation will include three delegates and 18 supporting officials. Who will be the three delegates was not yet known.

During the inter-Korean talks in January nike vapormax femme blanche , the DPRK agreed to send its athletes and cheerleaders as well as a ranking delegation to the 23rd Winter Olympics scheduled to kick off on Feb. 9 at South Korea's east county of PyeongChang.

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will lead a U.S. delegation to the PyeongChang Winter Olympics to attend the opening ceremony of the South Korea-hosted winter sports event.

During the telephone talks in January, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump saw a possibility for the inter-Korean dialogue naturally leading to a dialogue between the DPRK and the United States for the denuclearized Korean Peninsula.

The possibility cannot be ruled out for Pence to meet with the DPRK's top legislator during the Winter Olympics.

Colombian president sworn in for second term

BOGOTA, Aug. 7 (Xinhua) -- Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was sworn in for a second four-year term here on Thursday.

Smiling throughout, Santos took the oath before President of Congress, Jose David Name, who presented him with the presidential sash.

At the ceremony nike vapormax blanche , the president said, "I firmly believe that Colombia should establish a goal in which we can all compromise. What would it be? To be a country in total peace by 2025, a country with more equity and the most educated in Latin America."

The president, in his speech, reiterated that he would seek to end the 50-year-long internal armed conflict.

He asked for goodwill from Colombia's largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) vapormax noir homme , in the ongoing peace talks and expressed the hope to initiate a negotiation with another rebel group National Liberation Army (ELN).

In regard to the talks with FARC, the Colombian president said that both sides had agreed on three of the five points on the agenda, and now were moving to the fourth: the conflict victims.

But he warned the FARC's recent attacks might jeopardize ongoing talks in Havana. "The violence reported in recent weeks are an unacceptable contradiction and compromises the peace process," he said.

In terms of education, he revealed his goal to make Colombia the most educated country in Latin America by 2025.

"The first decision I took is that the budget for education will be the largest of all in the national budget starting from next year, even above that for defense and security nike vapormax noir ," Santos said.

More than 500 dignitaries attended the ceremony, including Latin American leaders, diplomats and Spain's former King Juan Carlos, who abdicated the throne to his son in June.

Santos, 62, who took office in 2010 vapormax be true acheter , won a presidential runoff on June 15.




桑托斯发表就职演说表示,和平、公正和教育将是其第二任期的中心议题。他说 ,和平乃人心所向,政府将继续与“哥伦比亚革命武装力量”和“哥伦比亚民族解放军”两大反政府武装举行谈判,以和平方式解决哥伦比亚国内的武装冲突。


应哥伦比亚政府邀请 air vapormax 2018 pas cher ,中国教育部部长袁贵仁作为习近平主席特使,出席了桑托斯的就职仪式。


(Note: The above is the same story reported in English and Chinese respectively, and is not literal translation.)

Britain will not “surrender” in its fight to win a bespoke deal with the European Union that would offer tariff-free trade as well as control over immigration nike vapormax flyknit pas cher , a minister said Sunday before a crunch week for the government in Brexit negotiations.

Interior Minister Amber Rudd was one of several senior Conservative lawmakers to take to the airwaves to support Prime Minister Theresa May, under pressure from Brexit hardliners who fear she is diluting her plans for a clean break with the EU.

With reports in the local media suggesting that pro-Brexit ministers are being urged to get ready to replace May, Rudd tried to play down the deep divisions in government, saying there was more unity than so-called Brexiteers thought.

“We want to have a bespoke agreement. Now we’re not going to surrender before we have that battle,” Rudd told the BBC when asked whether ministers were pursuing what the EU has already ruled out as “having its cake and eating it” — demanding tariff-free access to the EU’s market while controlling immigration.

She also told the Andrew Marr Show she supported May in demanding that EU citizens arriving after Brexit Day in March 2019 should have settlement rights different to those who came before that date — something the EU has opposed.

Asked whether Brexit campaigners were right to say that some in the Cabinet were trying to blunt prospects for a wholesale departure from the EU, Rudd said: “I have a surprise for the Brexiteers nike vapormax pas cher , which is the committee that meets in order to help make these decisions ... is more united than they think.”

Her words come at the beginning of a week when the government will flesh out some of its demands in negotiations with the EU on their future relationship and Brexit discussions start in earnest again.

The government’s Brexit sub-committee of ministers will also meet twice this week, Rudd said, adding: “I think that we will arrive at something which suits us a.