Are you confused about evaluating fiberglass paddle boards and bamboo SUP boards? The following information will help you understand the pros and cons of these types of boards.

Pros of fiberglass boards

• Fiberglass SUP boards are durable. They can withstand the pressure from high-velocity waves. Fiberglass is a highly durable material.

• Fiberglass is light and durable. The lightweight structure of fiberglass SUP boards helps you navigate any kind of tide. You can also carry these boards around. Remember to choose a fiberglass SUP board that is appropriate for your height and weight.

Cons of fiberglass boards

• Fiberglass paddle boards are not environment friendly. They are also more expensive than bamboo SUP boards.

• These types of boards may develop dents or dings. You must cover the board with a special enclosure to protect it from chipping. You can’t afford to let a chip … utterbuck/ , ding, dent or a crack linger.

• Strong sunlight is understood to have a negative impact on fiberglass. It takes away the sheen from the board. It also weakens the molecular structure of fiberglass. So you should always place your fiberglass SUP board in the shade.

Pros of bamboo standup paddle boards

• Bamboo SUP boards are lightweight and durable – similar to fiberglass paddle boards. They are inexpensive when compared to fiberglass SUP boards. Bamboo is a fast growing grass. It is easy to procure bamboo as a raw material.

• Bamboo is an all-weather material. It can withstand rain, sunshine , and cold weather. So you need not worry about your bamboo paddle board disintegrating due to environmental factors.

• If you are an environmentally conscious person, then buying a bamboo paddle board is an ideal thing to do. Bamboo can be safely recycled and does not release harmful chemicals. Furthermore, it is a sustainable material that is readily available and perfectly suited for SUP manufacture.

• Bamboo SUP boards , if manufactured properly can be harder than some of the hardest woods. A bamboo paddle board can be made to be ten times stronger than fiberglass paddle boards.

Cons of bamboo boards

There are no real disadvantages of bamboo paddle boards.


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