Measuring temperatures in an environment that humans aren’t able to go in has always been a problem. With new technologies and new materials being produced other methods of measuring these temperatures was needed. This is where the thermocouple comes in. The most common of these is the Type K thermocouple.

When the conductors are exposed to heat or cold they produce a voltage. This voltage difference between the two conductors can be used to determine the temperature. The materials used to produce these conductors have a predictable and repeatable voltage gain or drop according to temperatures they are exposed to.

When this junction is exposed to heat source the junction experiences a change in temperature and allows a voltage to be created. By using a reference table the voltage produced from this junction can be used to determine the temperature. Different couples have different characteristics with regards to temperature range. Extreme conditions will require a wire and couple that can with stand high or even extreme cold environments.

Common uses for these devices are found in almost any industry. Scientific research John Henson Bucks Jersey , gas and oil producers and even a simple oven in the home use these devices. They are even used in the nuclear applications were humans can’t go at all. From industrial use such as furnaces to a simple hand held device with a probe. The use of these devices will always be needed to monitor and measure temperatures.

The wires used in these couples are made from noble metals which can react to heat changes very quickly. The k type couple is the most common of these because of their accuracy, reliability and wide temperate range. This couple is used very often in nuclear application due to its radiation hardness and it can with stand continuous temperatures of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. These couples are not only used for extreme heat conditions, they can also be used for extremely cold conditions.

Type K is the most common general purpose couple. It has a more average sensitivity compared to other types and is inexpensive to produce. It is used in a relatively wide variety of probes and can measure from extreme negative temperatures to extremely high temperatures. One of the conducting materials used in this type of conductor is magnetic and can be susceptible to deviation I n the output voltage.

The diameter of the wires influences the response time of the joint. The smaller the wire the quicker the temperature can be measured, but a trade off on this is the temperature range it can handle. The thicker it is the more temperature in can handle but is very slow to respond to the changes.

Thermocouples have made a large impact on the steel production industry. By adding various metals into a mixture at varying temperatures new alloys can be created. The only way to check if the correct temperature has been reached before adding the next metal is through the use of these couples. The thermocouple itself will be the most likely one to be used for this application.

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