Past Time and Space: URWERK UR-100V Time and Culture

Introducing the very first episode of the new URWERK UR-100V Time and Culture collection celebrating the ingenuity associated with ancient cultures in transcribing the invisible impossible job - the passage of your time.

Celebrating ancient wisdom within modern display
The new URWERK UR-100V Time and Culture sequence pays homage to exactly how ancient cultures measured as well as recorded time. Dedicated to the actual perception of time through various ages and cultures, the brand new UR-100V series is a trip through time and space, accomplished by combining indications indicated in minutes and kilometers through different cultures and locations.

Urwerk UR-100V Time and Culture

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"This line is about history, culture, our own place under the stars, investigation and observations made all over the world using the same sky over us as a source of information. I'm always fascinated to find out these thousands of kilometers Distinctive observations made outside the house gave birth to a common language, the language regarding time", URWERK co-founder Charlie Frei.

beyond time and area
The year is approximately 1479. I was in Central America, taking a look at the monolithic sculpted hard drive of the "Sun Stone". The very first episode of the UR-100V Some Culture series is based on this particular famous Mexican sculpture describing an Aztec calendar.

The actual intricate pattern of the sunlight stone forms the basis for your details of the UR-100V As well as Culture I. The complex engraving is made using a zero. 05mm thin pointed finish mill, which cuts really finely. The patterned satin-brushed ridges contrast with the velvety micro-blasted cutouts. This is a function that needs to be viewed under the magnifying glass to fully appreciate the precision.

Hours and kms - the same value range
A new message is put into the usual hour and moment display. Every hour, the moment hand disappears and reappears as a kilometer counter. In line with the average rotational speed from the Earth in Mexico Town, explain that anyone inside Mexico travels 524. fifth there’s 89 kilometers every 20 moments. The other side shows our planet orbiting the sun - thirty-five. 742 kilometers every twenty minutes. Therefore , hours and also kilometers have the same value level. The idea of adding dimension had been proposed by SJX 3 years ago to Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei, also it represents how artifacts developed by people are special objects which transcend time and space.

"We've added hidden references towards the work. A discerning individual will be able to identify signatures, shortened forms, Mayan numbers to decide. It's a real treasure search. " Felix Baumgartner, Co-founder of URWERK.

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