Educational Loans For a Bright Future
Posted by Sanjaykale on August 5th Connor Cook Raiders Jersey , 2016

Education is the most important asset for a country, so that it can have educated youngsters who can contribute much to its development India is an emerging country and it requires a lot of educated people who can make this country the most developed country in the world. Presently, Indian government has made many amendments in its education system, especially in loans for education. According to various educational surveys, many bright Indian students gave up their higher education due to shortage of money. In order to avoid such issues Shilique Calhoun Raiders Jersey , Indian government has told various banks to offer easy loans to bright students for pursuing higher education.

When there is an acute shortage of funds for education, then parents should go for student education loans. All the banks in India offer easy loans for students who wish to go for higher education. As these banks are offering such loans, students facing monetary problems need not to give up their plans for higher education. The interest charges incurred on such loans are very flexible as well as affordable.

It has been seen that many students are going for student education loans as the Indian government has made good changes for getting these loans. There is a consistent rise in the number of students going for such loans over the few years. The present figure of students going for educational aids is soon going to increase. Besides, student education loans' interest rates are lower than that of the personal loan interest rates.

Educational fund loans are classified into two sub-types. These are foreign education loan and domestic education loans. There is a good benefit of such loans as students need not to pay an interest till the time they complete their education and take up a job. As soon as they start earning money, they can start repaying the installments to their respective banks. These are the best facilities which students can make use of Johnny Townsend Raiders Jersey , after all, there is no headache of paying EMIs right from the moment they take the loans from banks. Now both students as well as parents can relax and thus, they can fulfil their dreams.

It is true that several banks provide financial loans for pursuing higher education, however, there are a few things which students and parents have to bear in their minds. Students as well as parents need to fulfill all the eligibility criteria laid down by banks. Some of the eligibility criteria are like meeting the minimum percentage required for applying for loans Nick Nelson Raiders Jersey , parents having secured sources of income, what kinds of institutions students are choosing for pursuing their higher education etc.

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Chest Pains are an early warning sign

Chatting with Mr Cliff Teo, it’s hard not to be infected by his energy and optimism. Not too long ago, the father of two grown up sons was overweight at 107kg and needed surgery to treat a heart condition. Fast forward to today and you can find the 54-year old lifting weights with ease and working out on the cross-trainer at the gym in his condominium.

But Cliff’s story is no overnight sensation. He got to where he is today through sheer dogged determination and discipline. To some extent, he also has the strong foundation he laid in his younger days as an active sportsman and Navy regular to thank for his remarkable recovery.

A Close Shave

It all began in 2007 when he accompanied his late wife Arden Key Raiders Jersey , Kit Ping to see a doctor at Mount Alvernia Hospital. While at the hospital, Cliff felt acute chest pains. At his wife’s insistence, Cliff headed over to the hospital’s 24 Hour Walk-in Clinic & Emergency Department and was advised to be admitted for observation.

Truth be told, it was not the first time Cliff had been struck with such pains. For some time, he had been experiencing recurring tightness around the chest area and felt significant discomfort whenever he exercised.

“Whenever I went jogging around the estate Brandon Parker Raiders Jersey , my chest literally felt like it was going to explode, especially during the first five minutes of exercising,” he admitted.

Though the discomfort subsided as he eased into the run, Cliff instinctively knew that something was wrong, but he shrugged it off.

Fortunately for Cliff Connor Cook Jersey , the doctors were able to diagnose the problem in time.

Upon admission to hospital, Interventional Cardiologist Dr Tan Kok Soon ordered a battery of tests, including a stress test, ECG and treadmill sessions. The results showed about 70 per cent blockages of three sub arteries and complete blockage of his capillaries.

First line of defence

No direct medical intervention was required immediately, but Dr Tan prescribed a concoction of medications and advised Cliff to make immediate lifestyle changes to bring his weight down. It was a wake up call for the man whose friends call him “Superman”.

No longer in denial about his condition Shilique Calhoun Jersey , Cliff set his mind on improving his health, cutting down on seafood, fried foods and curries. After consulting with the doctor, Cliff continued his gym workouts but followed a moderated exercise plan.

The commitment to a managed diet and regular exercise soon paid off. Within six months, Cliff lost 15 kg and brought his weight down to 92kg. Meanwhile he continued to see Dr Tan every three months for regular review sessions.
During one such regular review earlier this year Johnny Townsend Jersey , tests showed a progression in the narrowing of the arteries.

Surgical Options

This time, Dr Tan advised Cliff to consider a coronary angioplasty – a procedure in which surgeons use a balloon to widen a blocked heart artery, then implant a small, stent to hold the artery open and improve blood flow. This was the first option. Cliff’s second option was heart bypass surgery.

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